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St. Paul writes: "There are different kinds of spiritual gifts, but the same Spirit gives them. There are different ways of serving, but the same Lord is served…The Spirit’s presence is shown in some way in each person, for the good of all." (1 Corinthians 12:4-7)

Members of our church council are called to see that the words and deeds of this community of faith bear witness to God, who gathers us into one together with the whole church.  They seek to involve all members of this congregation in worship, learning, witness, service, and support, so that the mission of Christ is carried out in this congregation, in the wider church, in this community, and in the whole world.

The following people have been elected by the congregation into positions of leadership and trust on our church council:

CONNIE HORNSEY (2020-2023)
Service Ministry Liaison
Favorite Bible Verse: Isaiah 41:10 (BSB)

MARCIA JOHNSON (2021-2024)
Worship Ministry Liaison
Favorite Bible Verse: Joshua 1:9

PAT BELL (2022-2025)
Learning Ministry Liaison
Favorite Bible Verse: Psalm 118:24

DIANE JONES (2020-2023)
Fellowship Ministry Liaison
Favorite Bible Verse: Philippians 4:13 (KJV)

AMY LANNERD (2021-2024)
Risk Management Liaison
Favorite Bible Verse:

Favorite Bible Verse: Romans 10:13-15

KATIE RUPP (2020-2023)
Secretary & Archives Liaison
Favorite Bible Verse: Proverbs 3:5

TAFI LATHROP (2021-2024)
Vice President & Stewardship Liaison
Favorite Bible Verse: Jeremiah 29:11

BILL SHULER (2022-2025)
Grounds Ministry Liaison
Favorite Bible Verse: 

DAVE TOOKE (2020-2023)
Building Ministry Liaison
Favorite Bible Verse: Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

DICK TABB (2021-2024)
President & Mutual Ministry Liaison
Favorite Bible Verse: Jeremiah 33:11

BILL WOLTERS (2022-2025)
Multi-Media Ministry Liaison
Favorite Bible Verse: John 3:16







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